Pumpkin and the Patch website link (webcomic)
Skeletons in Your Kitchen
An 8-page zine created from a single 11 x 17 " piece of paper, which folds out to a poster on the back. It explores the problematic culture around the diet industry and expectations imposed on women. Sarcasm included. 
When You Forget to Take Your F***ing Pill
A 14-page zine about missing a pill - ugh. Original images created with pen, water color pencils, collage, and my own pill packet. 
Beyond the Glass
A 9-page zine about my journey to, and through, therapy while struggling with an eating disorder.
Pumpkin And The Patch is a webcomic about six stuffed animals who are best friends. Together, they play games, eat snacks, and explore the neighborhood! Visit patpcomic.com for more episodes.
Life with a Puppy
A 28-page zine about the trials, tribulations, and adorable situations that inevitably occur when one adopts a puppy.
A screen-printed 16-page (front and back) zine following the character of the extrovert through various absurd and mundane situations.
Hospitable Mind
A  9-page in which we are lead through the doors of our mind by a polite and mysterious little ho
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